Emergency Appraiser

Appointment & Application

Once the director of insurance has declared an emergency, insurers may immediately appoint emergency appraisers without them first being authorized by the department. Before appointing emergency appraisers, however, insurers must first utilize licensed resident and non-resident South Carolina appraisers to their fullest extent in handling catastrophe claims.

Insurers must complete the SCDOI Emergency Appraisers template (fillable spreadsheet) and attach to an email to agentmail@doi.sc.gov. The following forms should be used to complete this process: 

The initial emergency appraiser appointment may not exceed 120 days from the date of the initial appointment. If an extension is granted, the system will allow users to reprint the reentry permits with a new expiration date.


Due to the potential for inundation and catastrophic flooding, the Director has determined that the licensure of emergency motor vehicle physical damage appraisers is necessary. The resolution of claims related to such covered losses may not occur expeditiously without the authorization of emergency motor vehicle physical damage appraisers. This action is being taken to ensure that motor vehicle physical damage appraisers are available to assist with the evaluation of claims for South Carolina consumers.

Insurers interested in appointing nonresident, temporary motor vehicle damage appraisers must complete the Appointment & Application instructions noted above.  

Insurers are responsible for the actions of any temporary motor vehicle physical damage appraiser or temporary adjuster it appoints to represent it during this catastrophic event and are subject to the penalties set forth in SC Code Ann. Section 38-2-10 for violations of the South Carolina Insurance Laws.