Qualifying Mitigation Improvements

Matching grant funds are available only for specific mitigation improvements. These funds cannot be used for repairs. The mitigation improvements include, but are not limited to:
  • Improving the strength of your roof deck attachment - For example, additional nails and/or longer nails need to be added to prevent shingle / roof plywood from being blown off in a hurricane
  • Creating a secondary water barrier to prevent water intrusion - For example, using strips of "peel and stick-on" material that cover the joints between the plywood sheets on your roof to reduce leakage until repairs can be made if a hurricane blows off your roof shingles
  • Improving the survivability of your roof covering - For example, upgrading to thicker and stronger hurricane-resistant roof shingles, attached with properly sized and properly applied roofing nails to reduce the susceptibility of your roof shingles blowing off in a hurricane
  • Bracing gable-ends in your roof framing - Usually done inside your attic to decrease chances that your roof will collapse under hurricane wind loads
  • Reinforcing roof-to-wall connections - For example, installing metal tie-down straps that attach roof rafters to wall studs to decrease chances that all or a portion of your roof will simply lift off of your house during a hurricane
  • Upgrading exterior wall opening protections - For example, installing hurricane-rated window shutters
  • Upgrading exterior doors - For example, replacing a standard garage door with a hurricane-rated garage door
  • Reinforcing manufactured or module housing - For example, replacing or strengthening piers, anchors, and tie-down straps used on manufactured or modular housing