Requirements for Pre-Licensing Approval

Required Applications & Documentation

The South Carolina Department of Insurance (not PSI) processes all applications for bail bonding pre-licensing courses, instructors, and sponsors. Please complete the required applications and submit all required documentation to the Education Office at the department.
  • Complete the instructor approval application, form 3618.
  • Complete the pre-licensing sponsor application/renewal application form.
  • Submit the appropriate examination content outline. The outline must have the page numbers where a topic is located in the course material. The outline must be submitted in duplicate to the department. Outlines may be obtained from PSI's website.
  • Submit pre-licensing course material, quizzes, and a master copy of each examination.
  • Submit a classroom schedule. The applications must include a schedule identifying the topics that will be taught each day, time class will begin each day, time of breaks, time of lunch, and time class will end each day.
  • Submit a $100 filing fee for each course.